About us

At USTAXADVICE, we pride ourselves on being a relationship firm, with an emphasis on accessibility, trust and integrity. With presence in two countries, our mission is to provide you with the highest standards of work ethic and integrity, professionalism, reliability and courtesy; and to act as an advocate of your rights as a taxpayer.

We are a unique consultancy firm focused on providing tailored service and advice to you.  As every one’s situation is unique, we offer personalized, flexible and proactive approach to you, helping you navigate through the complexity of tax and planning considerations involving multiple jurisdictions. Through our network, we are able to assist you on your U.S., U.K. and Swiss tax matters in our UK and Swiss locations and support companies with international assignee in multiple jurisdictions.

Our clients are typically high net worth individuals, family offices, financial institutions, expatriates from across the world, who have international assets or business interests.